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About Bayan Dental

Bayan Dental is a full-service dental clinic, offering the best patient-focused care across all specialisms, employing the latest dental technologies and cutting-edge techniques, to ensure a next-level patient experience at all times. Bayan’s team of dental experts includes more than thirty internationally-trained, board-certified specialists and consultants who work collaboratively to address all dental needs, from routine procedures to the most complex and intricate cases.

Founded in 2002, Bayan Dental is one of the first private dental clinics in Kuwait, and to date remains one of the most well-established and respected institutions in its field. Today, Bayan offers its exceptional dental care at its four clinics, located across the map in Kuwait: in Kuwait City (Sharq), Salmiya, Jahra and Egaila.

Why Choose Us


At Bayan Dental, We are always looking to redefine the dental experience and offer our patients the care they deserve.

Transparent treatment plans

A range of insurance and financing solutions

20 years of being your trusted dental care experts

Board certified, highly trained advanced specialists

Innovative dental solutions

Multiple branches across Kuwait for your convenience

Compassionate patient-focused care


To be the first choice in dental care, for the whole family


To impact communities, one smile at a time

Our Management Team

Dr. Hamad Al Qadhi

Medical Director & Clinical Operations Manager, Al Hamra

Dr. Waleed Al Yasseen

Clinical Operations Manager, Jahra

Dr. Abdulla AlAmeeri

Clinical Operations Manager & Lab Manager, Egaila

Dr. Nasser AlAmiri

Clinical Operations Manager, Salmiya