Branch Egaila
Speciality Specialist Endodontist
Areas of Expertise
    • Root canal treatments
    • Endodontic surgery
    • Dental trauma treatments

Dr. Muneerah AlMershed

Specialist Endodontist

As an industry leader, Bayan Dental is a full-service dental clinic, operating across four locations in Kuwait and has garnered the reputation of employing an elite team offering the highest standard in quality care.

When asked what makes dentistry so rewarding, he said “My job is rewarding because sometimes even the simplest treatment can change the patient`s confidence in himself/herself and I feel that I am part of a larger global healthcare promotion program.”

Dental Treatments of Dr. Muneerah AlMershed

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Bachelor Degreein Dental Medicine – Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University


Certificate in Advanced Endodontics – Henry M.Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston University


Master’s Degree in Oral Molecular Biology – Henry M.Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston University

Board Certifications

Canadian Board Certified in Endodontics – RCDC Canada


Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland